begin quote ...We highly recommend adding a vintage caravan into the ideas pot for those of you who are planning a wedding. end quote
- A Webb Feb/2013

Latest News
February 26th 2014

- Time to Roam e-magazine has done an article about our very own Don caravan. The article can be found in Issue 7 and it even has a glorious front cover photo featuring the caravan.

February 23th 2014

-Caravan Toys! Alan has begun writing some articles on the history of Caravan Toy's for Time to Roam magazine. These can also be found here in the 'Caravan Toys' section.
-There has been lots of other little updates all over the place. I hope that this makes your experience on this site even better :)

March 5th 2013

-New feature! We added a database of Australian made vintage caravans. Its still missing some information and it might still be a bit buggy, but check it out!
-New Photo's added to the Don caravan's gallery.

June 7th 2012

-The website got moved to a new server. this one is the permanent one.
-Facebook Like buttons finally added to caravan pages. Show us which ones you want restored!
-Other background stuff that you dont see ;-)

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